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You can watch it on YouTube. YouTubeで視聴でます→ https://youtu.be/mFsAZyD2M48 ※この音源はシングル、1曲のみの収録となっています。アルバムではありませんのでご注意ください。 作詞:Ve✡︎Nus/KOKI OTA  作曲: Ve✡︎Nus Arrangement: KOKI OTA 【歌詞:https://www.shaman-venus.com/歌詞-恋という名のものがたり/】 シャーマンがプロデュースしたこの楽曲は、潜在意識への修復効果があります。 魂の透明領域「CLEAR SOUL」を100%にしていけるパワーがありそれによって本来の魂が持つ生命力や共鳴度が目覚めはじめます。 その他に、以下の{効果効能}が期待されます。 [前進する力] [心の芯が太くなる] [自信が溢れる] [自己愛の浸透] [悲しみを癒す] [ネガティブが離れる] [魂エネルギーが強くなる] またこの楽曲の中には 8種類の『ソルフェジオ周波数』を含め 4種類の『癒しの周波数』が一曲の中に 【111箇所】収録されています。 約2.6秒に1度 効果的な周波数が音の中に入ることによって 『強風が吹いても心のままに力強く踏みだすことができる 強さを得て、未来を手に入れていける』効果があります。 128Hz(地球との共鳴)=2回 222Hz(魂の修復を行う周波数)=30回 285Hz(意識の拡大と拡張)=4回 396Hz(トラウマや恐怖からの解放)=5回 417Hz(マイナスからの回復/変容)=2回 444Hz(身体のあらゆる不調を癒す)=24回 528Hz(理想への変換/奇跡/DNAの修復)=10回 639Hz(人間関係の修復や調和)=17回 741Hz(意識の自由/表現力の向上)=1回 852Hz(洞察力や直感力を高める)=2回 888Hz(修復力/奇跡)=4回 963Hz(高次元・宇宙意識と繋がる)=7回 ◼︎|美しい魂のための音楽|詳しくまとめ
 https://www.shaman-venus.com/cd/ ◼︎|シャーマン|オフィシャルサイト:https://venus-37.square.site This is shaman music Just by listening, a beautiful soul is born. It also soothes the mind and body like a hot spring effect. What's more! just by listening. "Heals unnecessary things," "Relaxes the brain," "become who one is" "Pulling wonderful things"… In addition to the above, there are many other efficacy. create a beautiful soul It's magical pop music. Just listening to it has a clearing effect on the soul. People who are active in the world have transparent subconsciousness(Soul)! People who have been active for a long time in the world, in those who don't There is a big difference in "subconsciousness" If you look into it as a celebrity, you can see it at a glance. With more than 80% transparency, "subconsciousness" has the power to open up and sustain life without hesitation. Even if you are 10% transparent, you will definitely be 100% transparent. also, Once every 2.6 seconds, effective frequencies such as solfeggio frequencies enter the music. I hope this music will create a healthy soul and have a lot of luck effects. This song has the following effects. ●The power to move forward ●The heart becomes thicker ●Full of confidence ●The penetration of self-love ●Healing sorrow ●The negative is gone●Of a soul, to become stronger Once every 2.6 seconds, effective frequencies such as solfeggio frequencies enter the music. ·128Hz = 2 times ·222Hz = 30 times ·285Hz = 4 times ·396Hz = 5 times ·417Hz = 2 times ·444Hz = 24 times ·528Hz = 10 times ·639Hz = 17 times ·741Hz = 1 time ·852Hz = 2 times ·888Hz = 4 times ·963Hz = 7 times